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Period dignity at work a step closer

A UK Social Enterprise has launched a nation-wide Period Dignity campaign to bring period equality in the UK workplace.

Hey Girls found that as many as 68% of women would leave work left immediately if they didn’t have the right product to hand.

Period Dignity is essential to health and well-being at work. Hey Girls are aiming to make free sanitary products in the workplace the norm. The Hey Girls mission to bring #PeriodDignity to the UK is well underway, already facilitating the likes of Autotrader, BrewDog, H&M Customer Service and Aesop Skincare.

James Cooney, Design Project Manager at Aesop Skincare said:

Joining the Hey Girls Period Dignity campaign has been a welcome introduction to Aesop skincare. Our workforce are at the core of what we do, and this feels like a natural progression towards ensuring each member of the team is looked after. Providing Hey Girls period products in our washrooms is such a simple step in allowing our workforce to perform to the best of their ability. We are really proud to join Hey Girls on this venture, it’s safe to say they have now become a core part of our business.

One of Hey Girls most recent partners include VisitScotland. The national tourism agency has joined the Period Dignity campaign and will now offer free period products to over 400 members of staff in Scotland.

Chris McCoy, VisitScotland Equality and Diversity Manger said:

At VisitScotland, we are committed to both social and environmental sustainability. All Hey Girl products are made from sustainable material, and their Buy One Give One agenda is a fantastic way to help those girls and women that need a helping hand.

The Private Sector webpage of the Hey Girls website gives businesses a step-by-step guide on ordering plastic free period products for their washrooms, whilst educating the masses on the importance of Period Dignity at work.

Celia Hodson, Founder & CEO of Hey Girls said:

Solving issues around Period Poverty start here. We need to shift taboos and alter negative mindsets to realise Period Dignity at work is as much of a necessity as loo roll or soap. We are so thrilled to be working with a community of likeminded companies who generally just want to make the place they work as fair as possible to every member of staff.

Image: Hey Girls

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