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New ethical stock exchange launches consultation

A new ethical stock exchange has announced the opening of a consultation for businesses to help define what impact listed companies should report on, over and above money.

The consultation will feed into the Impact Reporting Requirements for the proposed Scottish-based stock exchange.

Tomás Carruthers, CEO and Founder of Project Heather, said:

Our mission at Project Heather is to make the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and beyond,  feasible and achievable.

As a Project we have spent considerable time working on what a potential company on our proposed new Scottish stock exchange might look like, but now it is time to call on the global impact community to help.

We invite them to join our consultation and hold us to account. This is a call to act now – we don’t have much time left to achieve the SDGs.

Jamison Ervin, Global Manager on Nature for Development, UNDP, said:

It is now widely acknowledged that the Global Goals cannot be achieved without private sector support, and while impact investing is growing in some sectors, it is yet to penetrate capital markets. In seeking to change how capital markets value natural capital, we see Project Heather’s goals for an impact-focused stock exchange as a game-changer for our planet.

The proposed Scottish-based, global facing, impact-focused stock exchange is designed to make a positive impact on society.

Those wishing to respond to the consultation should go to and complete the form. The consultation will be open until Monday, 21 October, 2019.

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