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Consumers able to give joy this Christmas

The Children’s Society has launched ‘Give Joy’, where members of the public can buy Christmas gifts designed to boost physical and mental well-being, confidence and self-expression for children in Birmingham and London.

Almost half a million children who are worried about their feelings or behaviour are not asking anyone for help, according to new figures by The Children’s Society.

The research from the charity’s annual household survey of 10-17 year olds in England, Scotland and Wales estimates that up to 464,000 children, who report being worried about their feelings or behaviour, are not telling anyone about their concerns. The charity warns that without early support, the mental health of these children could be at risk of deteriorating and reaching crisis point.

The Give Joy online gift shop is open now, and you can support vulnerable young people through gifts including:

  • Essentials – travel tickets, warm clothes
  • Support – access to a sports session or support group
  • Wellbeing – book voucher or self-care kit
  • Self-expression – a sensory toy, arts and crafts kit or recording session

Shoppers can also give directly to The Children’s Society services, for example funding a group session or paying for a child to access individual support. Through centres in London, Birmingham and others around the UK, The Children’s Society provides one to one support to children.

Rob Jackson, Service Director for The Children’s Society, said:

Right now there are children in Britain who feel unable to cope and for them, Christmas is broken. The voices of our children matter and if any child is having worries about their feelings or behaviour they should not have to suffer in silence. Through the Give Joy initiative we hope to show more children that we care.

If parents are concerned about their child’s mental health and would like some guidance on how to talk to them about these issues, please visit:

Image: The Children’s Society

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