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Local groups get Covid-19 support

Sustaining Dunbar has secured £88,000 of funding from the Scottish Government on to support the Covid-19 Response in the Dunbar and East Linton area.

Services set to be helped range from food banks and hardship funds to coordinating volunteers and counselling.

Dunbar and East Linton District has a strong tradition of local groups working together to look after people in need of help and support. This has enabled groups to respond quickly to the coronavirus situation by extending and adapting their services, and to ensure people get the help they need.

Jo Mcnamara, Chair of Trustees, Sustaining Dunbar, said:

We are proud to be able to support the incredible efforts of the community of Dunbar and District by securing this funding. In the last few weeks, our community has pulled together and rapidly responded to this crisis with care, compassion and resilience, looking out for the most vulnerable and really meeting their needs.

Margaret Croft, Co-ordinator, Dunbar Basics Bank, added:

The crisis has caused real hardship for many people, and it’s great to see so many groups and individuals coming together to meet the increased demand in difficult circumstances.  Our wonderful team of volunteers have stepped up to the mark and allowed us to help meet the challenge facing us.  Thanks to Sustaining Dunbar for helping access the funds we need to support people at this time.

One beneficiary is Sunny Soups, a volunteer-led project, provides high quality free soup to local people. The soup is made from surplus crops from The Ridge and other local gardens, and from unsold fruit and vegetables donated by the Community Carrot and other local shops.

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