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Collective Welcome for two Kickstarters

A UK charity and not-for-profit communications agency has employed two young trainees as part of the government’s Kickstarter scheme.

The initiative from the Department of Work and Pensions supplies funding for employers to provide six months of paid work for 18-24 year olds on Universal Credit.  The aim of the scheme is to combat youth unemployment by funding training for young people who are struggling to get their foot in the vocational door in the wake of the pandemic.

The social enterprise Campaign Collective was founded in 2016 and offers PR and communications support to charities, social enterprises, public services and other campaigners. Taking part in the Kickstart scheme signalled the Collective’s first foray into hiring young talent.

Sarah Colombini, one of the founding members of the agency, said:

We found that the Kickstart scheme really lined up with our ethos of supporting the next generation of campaigners. We’re all looking forward to helping our trainees kickstart their careers.

The Kickstarters are Lizzie Lewis, who has been employed as Content Trainee, and Freya Preddy, who has been taken on as Campaigns Trainee.

After their future plans and employment were severely affected by the coronavirus crisis, Freya and Lizzie were among the many young people who turned to Universal Credit for financial support and career guidance. The new recruits have called the Kickstart positions at Campaign Collective are an inspiring next-step for both of them.

Freya said:

I feel so excited to have been given this opportunity. Kickstart is a great initiative for people starting their career with little experience but loads of enthusiasm. I’m hoping to gain first-hand experience with campaigns and communications whilst getting to grips with the industry as a whole. It’ll be hugely beneficial to learn from experienced professionals who have worked in this industry for years.

Campaign Collective was also supported by the Public Relations and Communications Association in the hiring of Kickstart employees.

Image credit: Scott Graham