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School kids use technology to solve global challenges

Schools from around the world have come together to take part in a global competition to find technology solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges, including climate change, food poverty and the mental health of young people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

School children from countries including the UK, the US, India and Portugal will now compete to win the top prize in the annual Apps for Good Awards. The awards, which are taking place for the 11th time, were created to recognise the creativity and ingenuity of young people tackling problems they see in their communities and the wider world.

Some of the solutions created include Valuable Trash which suggests creative ways to reuse plastic waste, Classmates, an app which connects students who have experienced loneliness due to the pandemic, and ReFood, an innovative app which encourages sharing excess food with those who need it most.

The awards are organised by education charity Apps for Good, which aims to inspire the next generation of digital social world leaders.

The charity has announced 15 finalists across five categories, which for the first time in includes a category for technology that addresses the climate and ecological emergency.

Apps for Good CEO Heather Picov said:

We are so proud and grateful to all the young people who continue to strive and contribute to a world which is ever changing, and come up with solutions to help us meet these challenges head on.

The five categories are being assessed by a panel of experts with the overall People’s Choice award being voted on by the public. Voting for overall award closes at midnight on 22 June.

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