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Caretakers in Islington to help tackle domestic abuse

Caretakers, maintenance and repairs teams are often described as the ‘eyes and ears’ of housing estates. These frontline staff play a crucial role in spotting where residents may have issues and have a unique insight into people’s homes that office-based staff may not. 

Solace, a Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) charity has partnered with Roll Nine Productions and Islington Council to create a new training video for Islington Council’s caretaking and concierge staff. 

Fiona Dwyer, Chief Executive of Solace said:

Caretakers and repair operatives are in a prime position to identify and support domestic abuse survivors to get help. What has often been seen as ‘just a repair’ or written off as ASB will be identified as abuse in the future.

Community-based staff are supported to recognise when domestic abuse is taking place and know how to take the next steps, especially during the pandemic when other support services would not have face to face contact with residents.  

Philomena Azu, Specialist – Domestic Violence & Abuse said:

Islington Council’s Homes and Communities are working towards DAHA* accreditation and recognise that domestic violence and abuse training is an essential part of the role for our housing front-line staff. This training video offers a unique, creative approach to supporting our frontline staff with responding safely and effectively to domestic abuse and violence as part of their work for our communities.

*DAHA accreditation is the UK benchmark for how housing providers should respond to domestic abuse in the UK 

Photo: Solace