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New partnership to promote positive mental health

A Sheffield-based workplace wellbeing company has partnered with a suicide prevention charity to promote better mental health support.

R;pple is a charity which has developed a tool designed to present a visual prompt when it detects users conducting searches online that relate to self harm or suicide. The prompt includes a message encouraging users to seek help, alongside links to several different mental health support services.

R;pple was founded by Alice Hendy, whose brother Josh died by suicide in November 2020. Alice discovered that her brother had been researching self-harm and suicide techniques online in the lead-up to his death. She believes that there is a lack of support online for those at risk of self-harm or suicide, and that the R;ipple tool can provide those people with more options for help.

Champion Health was set up in 2018 by Sheffield-based entrepreneur Harry Bliss after he lost a colleague to suicide after a bout of work stress. Bliss founded the company to promote positive change in workplace wellbeing. Champion Health provides evidence-based health and wellbeing solutions for the workplace, developed by academics, GPs, and technology professionals, and works with companies across the UK.

The new partnership will see R;ipple Suicide Prevention highlighted within Champion Health’s platform, signposting users to the charity. It was struck up around the same time that Champion Health’s Head of Mission, Steve Phillip shared the text that he received from his son before he died by suicide.

Harry Bliss, CEO of Champion Health, commented: 

My personal story is closely tied to suicide prevention, having lost a friend and mentor after a short bout of workplace stress. That tragedy galvanised myself and the team – much like how Alice, after losing her brother Josh, founded R;pple – to drive positive change. We’re extremely proud to be able to partner with R;pple and work together to reduce suicide and promote positive mental health.

Alice Hendy, Founder of R;pple, added:

After setting up a call to learn more about Champion Health, I was hugely impressed and it became very apparent that the team share the same passions as I do. People are the most important part of any business, we should all be doing our bit to look after them as well as ourselves.

R;ipple’s website can be found at this link.