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Bamboo socks save endangered animals

Environmentally-conscious company, Bare Kind, donates to animal-saving charities with every pair of socks sold.

Bare Kind’s socks are made using ethically sourced bamboo and with every pair sold 10% is donated to a charity that saves endangered animals. Futerra’s 2018 survey found that 88 percent of consumers want companies to help them be environmentally-conscious with the products they buy.

Lucy Jeffrey, Founder of Bare Kind said:

The animal on the sock of a customer’s purchase is protected and conserved by an organisation we have selected. This is the direction that retail should be heading; giving consumers the opportunity to be environmentally-conscious, and companies the opportunity to use profit profoundly.

However we didn’t just stop there. We want our customers to know that when buying from Bare Kind they are supporting a sustainable and conscious company. Our socks are made in a family-run factory in Istanbul, where all the workers are over the age of 18 and on a fair wage. The dyes in our fabric are non-toxic which means our customers know our company isn’t adding to industrial pollution.

We are taking steps to reduce our carbon emissions by transporting the socks by lorry where possible, rather than a plane. Oh, and our packaging is plastic free and recyclable. Bare Kind is taking accountability and listening to consumers, making every effort to bring our customers a high quality product that doesn’t compromise on environmental consciousness.

You can help save the world through something as simple and joyful as a good pair of socks.