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Artists collaborate to help boost mental health in new year

An arts organisation has collaborated with UK artists to launch a free interactive challenge to help combat the post-Christmas blues in January.

The January Challenge by 64 Million Artists will set participants a daily creative task throughout the month to help boost their wellbeing, which might include collaging a view from the window or writing a poem inspired by a single word.

Each task has been created by people who have previously taken part, as well as artists such as author Derek Owusu, deaf rapper SignKid, and music collective Steam Down [pictured].

One in four Brits claim the Christmas period makes their mental health worse, with more than two in five reporting feeling stressed and 25% saying that they experience anxiety or depression.

The organisers say that around 125,000 have taken part in the challenge since it was first launched in 2014, including more than 50,000 people in last year alone. Participants range from adults to children and from workplaces to schools, with 96% of those who have taken part saying it improved their mental wellbeing.

Jo Hunter, founder of 64 Million Artists said:

The January Challenge is built by the people taking part, which creates a real sense of community. Not only that, but our creative challenges allow a moment each day to take time out and to focus on having fun and creating something from nothing, offering a sense of achievement.

To take part, you can sign up on the 64 Million Artists website where you will be able to choose from three different themes. We are Human will include 31 challenges to explore the senses, the natural world and what makes us human, We are Culture will focus on exploring our identities, cultures, and communities, while We are Connected will focus on creative tasks in partnership with others.