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Recovery Orchestra Celebrate Acts Of Kindness With New Release

In today’s uncertain world an act of kindness can go a long way and for those in recovery it becomes a way of life. Whether it’s a sudden act of selflessness or a determination to help another person the effect of being kind can be uplifting, sometimes humbling, but always a positive experience for those involved.

New Note Orchestra’s new album Kind Rebellion is a collaboration with the University of Sussex’s kindness research department, where teams of researchers explore and highlight how acts of kindness impact people and communities.

New Note Orchestra is an award-winning charity based in Brighton. They use music to help people who have faced addiction issues. New Note musicians have faced many barriers including homelessness, isolation and mental health issues. Musicians are encouraged to use music to reconnect to themselves, their families and the wider community.

Out now on recovery record label We Are Not Saints, Kind Rebellion is an original composition by the orchestra musicians along with Artistic Director Conall Gleeson and sets out to capture the very essence of kindness in musical form. The full album can be heard here:

When discussing the concept of Kind Rebellion orchestra bassist Dan said:

A kind act gives me a spring in my step, I feel happier, I feel like a natural reward is happening, and it feels like I’m growing.

Speaking about ‘Kind Rebellion’ Molly Mathieson, Founder of New Note said:

The point of this project is based on the idea that when people come into recovery through various groups, they are fundamentally about helping others, supporting others through recovery through shared stories, experiences and support. Being supportive, being kind to others is the very heart of recovery and ongoing support is both needed and provided for people living with addictions.

Kind Rebellion is a heart-warming, evocative, and often uplifting collection of songs that challenges the listener without being provocative and is a welcome moment of reflection in life at a time when a little kindness towards each other is perhaps what is needed most.

We Are Not Saints is a not-for-profit record label & live music company based in Brighton that works with musicians in recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

Photo: We Are Not Saints