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Local vets on global animal welfare mission

DNA Vetcare is on a mission to help improve the standard of veterinary care globally. Through UK-based charity Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS), the group of veterinary surgeries based across London and Kent has raised over £14,000 in donations since 2019 and sent Director Dane Walker to volunteer with the charity’s veterinary team in Thailand.

Through its Vet Practice Membership scheme, WVS recruits teams of passionate veterinary staff to assist with running its animal welfare projects across Asia and Africa, to not only treat and care for animals in need but train local staff in surgical skills and ship critical supplies to NGOs.

Director for DNA Vetcare Dr Dane Walker volunteered his own time and expertise at the charity’s centre in Thailand in 2011 and has been supporting its operations in any way he can since. He said:

During my visit, I witnessed first-hand the expert care the incredibly dedicated team provides despite the sometimes exceptionally challenging circumstances. I’ve stayed connected with the team since and through DNA Vetcare, offered ongoing support.

Founder and CEO of WVS Dr Luke Gamble says the support of DNA Vetcare and all its members, has helped his team deal with countless heart-breaking cases throughout the pandemic.

With the support of DNA Vetcare, we opened a brand-new Critical Care Unit in Chiang Mai, Thailand to support the increasing number of dogs in need on the city streets. The extension has allowed us to triple the cases we can manage and treat more animals susceptible to deadly infections and parasites, road traffic accidents, mistreatment, as well as the debilitating effect of the pandemic, due to a lack of food, water, and care.

Cola, a stray dog in Chiang Mai, arrived at the centre suffering from partial paralysis of his hind limbs caused by nerve damage. He also had multiple wounds on his back; sores and his bladder was affected. After seven weeks of specialised treatment and care, Cola was walking and running pain-free on all fours and had caught the eye of a family eager to adopt him.

You can find out more about the charity’s Vet Practice Membership programme, and how they can help animals in need all over the world, at

Photo: Worldwide Veterinary Service