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Apply for funding and set up a Community Fridge 

2022 is set to be a big year for Hubbub’s Community Fridge Network, as funding from the Co-op will enable the UK-wide network to double in size. To kick start the process, Hubbub and the Coop are calling on communities to apply for grants for the first 100 fridges, by 1st February.  

Community Fridges are social spaces where anyone can share surplus food. They reduce food waste and empower communities to help each other through activities such as cookery sessions and workshops on how to grow your own fruit and veg.

Applications for grants are open to community groups and not for profit organisations which are in a position to set up their community fridge in the next six months.

Successful groups will receive £4,000 funding, support to set up the fridge and membership to Hubbub’s Community Fridge Network, which offers free guidance to community fridge organisers including design assets, peer support, health and safety templates as well as discounted fridges and freezers. 

Liam Sweeney, Creative Partner at Hubbub said:

!A Community Fridge is so much more than just a fridge. They are instrumental in bringing people together to share skills, build friendships and support one another, all whilst doing their bit to save the planet.”

Ed Powell, Mission Manger at the Co-op said:

“It has been thrilling to support the rapid growth of the Community Fridge Network across the UK and to see the positive impact that the redistribution of fresh, healthy food can have. We’d like to see applications for the current round of funding come from a broad range of groups, especially from groups who might not normally consider running a food project, to bring this brilliant concept to even more communities across the UK.”

The Community Fridge Network was set up by environmental charity Hubbub in 2017 and there are now 250 fridges across the UK, welcoming 460,000 visitors per year.

Each Community Fridge redistributed an average of 2.4 tonnes of food per month in 2020, and with Co-op’s commitment to double the network, the fridges could collectively save a total of 34 million meals from going to waste annually. 

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Photo: Hubbub and Co-op