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Youth charity calls for support in Liverpool

The Mersey Youth Support Trust (MYST), is looking for funders and donations to build a hub for young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Their mission is to empower young people who face particular barriers to start and build their businesses, by providing bespoke business advice, affordable workspaces, funding opportunities, contacts and networking. 

The new hub will follow the success of the first one, which comprises 27 offices that can be let out to any young entrepreneurs that need their own workshop/office space, for a low monthly fee, receiving timely, relevant and on-site advice.

The charity has helped many entrepreneurs create their businesses from scratch, grow, and build their networks.

Dermot Duffy, founder of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy UK, one of more than 225 businesses that have been supported by the charity said:

“It is a fantastic environment full of prospering businesses that interact with ideas to help each other grow. I am very confident that I am in the best circle of support and would strongly recommend MYST to anyone looking to start a business.”

MYST helps young people take responsibility for their own future by exploring the possibility of self-employment, aiming to build a community environment where creative, like-minded people empower each other during the business cycle.

To learn more about MYST and the initiative, sign up at