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Nursery takes on obstacles for Spina Bifida charity

A children’s nursery in Newton Mearns, Scotland has been so inspired by one of their parent’s charitable actions that they followed suit and created a sponsored adventure walk and obstacle course to raise funds for specialist disability charity, Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus (SBH) Scotland.

Five-year-old Andrew Carr, a pupil at Calderwood Lodge Primary School and Nursery, proudly told his nursery workers of his dad’s fundraising; representing SBH Scotland in Comic Relief’s Red Nose and Spoon Challenge. After watching Andrew’s dad’s gruelling four day expedition on TV, it then became the inspiration for the nursery staff to create a sponsored adventure walk for their own children, including Andrew.

As the sun shone, over 100 children, parents and 16 staff set off on an adventure walk around the school playground and then back to the 4G pitch for an obstacle course. In doing so, they raised a phenomenal £1,616.86 for Andrew’s charity.

Andrew’s parents, Lynne and Sean, found out they were expecting a baby with Spina Bifida at their 20-week scan. At that point they “felt like the carpet had been taken from under them”. In a search for information, they went online and found SBH Scotland, a charity specialising in the complex disabilities of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Lynne made contact. Since that moment, the charity got in touch and have been involved in Andrew’s life, providing information and support, as well as creating a network of support for the entire family.

Louise Thomson, Principal Teacher at Calderwood Lodge said: 

“As soon as we heard about Sean’s endeavours, we couldn’t wait to do something to support this great charity which means so much to the Carr family.

“We’re overwhelmed at raising such a huge amount and I’d like to thank all the parents, children and staff who got involved.”

Deborah Roe, Fundraising Director at SBH Scotland said; 

“We’re incredibly grateful to the Calderwood Lodge Nursery Class. Their thoughtful donation will go towards our family support service which provides key workers who personalise support for families like the Carrs. Without donations like this, we wouldn’t be there for families at a time when they need us the most.”

If you’d like to create your own fundraising challenge like Calderwood Lodge or take part in a pre-arranged sponsored activity please contact Lynsey Hamilton, Fundraising Manager, SBH Scotland on 03455 211 600 or email