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Climate advisors for schools in new education scheme

A new scheme has launched to provide crash courses in climate change for teachers. The Climate Ambassador Scheme aims to help schools, colleges and nurseries transition to net zero by linking them up with leading experts working on climate.

Led collaboratively by the University of Reading and STEM Learning, involving partners from universities and research institutions around the UK, the scheme will support the new Department for Education Sustainability and Climate Change strategy.

Schools and colleges will receive free, tailored advice from climate ambassadors to help them develop their own climate plans.

Professor Steve Fletcher, Director of the Global Plastics Policy Centre at the University of Portsmouth, one of the scheme partners, said:

“This is an exciting initiative and one we are delighted to be involved in.  The University of Portsmouth is leading the way on a number of projects which should lessen the impact of climate change. This includes our Revolution Plastics initiative and Global Plastics Policy Centre. The University is committed to becoming climate positive by 2030. If we can share our knowledge and expertise with teachers of the next generation we will help make significant steps towards solving the climate crisis together.”

Examples of activities that Climate Ambassadors might get involved in include teacher training days, fact-checking resources for teachers, advice to school leaders or governors on cutting carbon emissions, or even making practical suggestions on when to schedule sports days to avoid heat stress.

Professor Andrew Charlton-Perez, the University of Reading climate scientist who has led the scheme’s creation, said:

“The Climate Ambassador Scheme goes beyond the occasional class talk or school assembly and, importantly, is about more than just science. We believe that climate change is relevant in every classroom, across all subjects.

“Teachers have told us they would like support from top experts, giving them confidence to help their students learn about climate change with accurate and up-to-date information. Young people have been telling anyone who would listen that they need the skills and knowledge to face their future under a rapidly changing climate.”

Experts, teachers and organisations can sign up, request support or find out more about the Climate Ambassador Scheme by visiting