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650,000 unite to demand energy for all

A petition calling for an overhaul of our energy pricing structure has been delivered to Downing Street.

The ‘Energy For All’ petition, signed by over 650,000 people, calls for a universal, free amount of energy that would cover everyone’s basic necessities of heating, lighting and cooking.

This would be paid for by ending the millions of pounds spent daily on fossil fuel subsidies, windfall taxes on excess profits of energy companies and higher prices for profligate energy use.

The event, organised by Fuel Poverty Action included a rally and march attended by around 100 people and also backed members of the Warm This Winter campaign.

Stuart Bretherton, Energy For All Campaign Coordinator, said:

“Millions of people will face fuel poverty this winter, with prices sitting at double what they were last year, and now renewed uncertainty over how high they will climb next year. Energy For All would deliver justice and security to all consumers now and in the future, by ensuring everyone’s basic needs are met and that steps are taken to address the climate crisis. Ordinary people cannot keep footing the bill for crises created by the wealthy, it’s time for the big polluters and profiteers to pay their share.”

Ruth London of Fuel Poverty Action said:

“In our present system, the less energy you use, the more you pay per unit and the more you use, the less you pay per unit. This is upside down. Energy For All is a plan to turn it rightside up.”

Over 20 MPs from multiple parties also attended to show their support for the demand. A day prior to the petition hand-in, Early Day Motion 470: Proposed Energy Equity Commission Bill was launched in parliament. The bill would realise some of the key components of the ‘Energy For All’ demand, implementing a Universal basic energy allowance, supplemented by a social tariff and a national street-by-street insulation and retrofitting program.

Fuel Poverty Action vows to continue pushing for Energy For All which could deliver energy security to consumers and end fuel poverty, while also accelerating action on climate change. The group will do so online, in parliament and on the streets and invites people of all experiences and backgrounds to join in demanding Energy For All.

Image: Angela Christofilou

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