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UK students invited to connect with European schools to learn about EU

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Schools across the UK have been invited to take part in the next phase of a project that connects students across Europe.

The European Parliament Ambassador School (EPAS) scheme is an EU-wide programme available in the UK since 2021, which connects its member schools to a growing network of 1,500 schools throughout Europe.

Despite Brexit, the European Parliament has continued to offer a set of free educational programmes and resources to UK school pupils and college students.

Charlotte Richer, teacher at Cherwell School, one of the most active EPAS schools across the network, said: “The EPAS programme really aids the work that we do in our curriculum whether that be through geography, language or culture. It helps our students vocalise their issues in an international context and the programme has so much creative potential that can be tailored to your students. I would truly encourage other teachers to join the programme to help create a holistic education for their students.”

Susanne Oberhauser, Head of Office of the European Parliament Liaison Office in the United Kingdom (EPLO UK) said: “The EPAS programme aims at offering new opportunities and resources for young people in the UK to learn about the EU. It really is about  fostering mutual understanding, and ensuring that future generations continue to learn, connect, and broaden their horizons together.”

Schools can apply to take part online or by emailing

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