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The 2022 view from The Rooftop

Poster image with a headline, which reads, "What went right in 2022?".

As we come to the end of 2022, we at The Rooftop thought we’d take a look back over our highlights from the year. 

We were especially proud to launch our Real Voices feature this year, which platforms the accounts of people with experience of issues underrepresented in the media. 

Our top Real Voices articles were:

A first-hand account of life in fuel poverty, in which Anne discusses her experience of struggling to make ends meet as a disabled person during the energy crisis. 

A melanoma nurse on the signs to watch for, in which Jackie describes how to spot this deadly disease early. 

A carer shares her pandemic experience, in which Laura gives an honest and shocking account of the realities of care work. 

We continued to post our daily stories, highlighting positive news that hopefully provides our readers with a boost of optimism.

Our top regular stories included:

A retired teacher got a surprise when her knitting went viral 

Residents of a small East Lothian town celebrate an environmental victory over Tesco

Social work students in Wales successfully campaigned to improve bursaries

We interviewed some very inspiring people for The Rooftop Podcast this year:

Cherron Inko-Tariah on The Power of Staff Networks. Cherron spoke to our hosts Ian and Delia about the importance of staff networks in empowering employees.

Jose Galindez and Gerardo Arriaga-Garcia of The Place of the Nations, who spoke about their journey to setting up a Community Interest Company, and the experiences of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers who come to the UK. 

Tim Nutbeam of The Exit Project, who explained his mission to research new and safer ways to get people out of cars following traffic collisions. 

We’re very excited to see where we can take The Rooftop next year. So watch this space, and bring on 2023!