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Environmental charity’s map to promote reusable cups

The environmental charity City to Sea is promoting its award-winning Refill app, which maps over 10,000 coffee shops and cafes which accept reusable cups.

This comes as weather warnings are issued throughout the month of December. The NHS Trusts recommend regular hot drinks to keep warm in cold conditions, which means people buy more takeaway hot drinks when they are out and about. Environmental campaigners point out that an estimated 2.5 billion single-use throwaway cups are used in the UK every year. This is enough to stretch around the world roughly five and a half times. Less than 1 in 400 – just 0.25% – are recycled.

Campaigners at the not-for-profit City to Sea, who run the Refill campaign, are highlighting that their Refill App can geo-locate you to the nearest place that sells hot drinks and accepts reusable cups. Across the UK there are over 10,000 places Brits can pick up a hot drink to keep the cold away and save money by bringing their own cup, as many shops offer significant discounts to those using reusable cups.

Steve Hynd, City to Sea’s Policy Manager commented:

“We have an artic weather front moving in which is a great reason to stay in and stay warm. But this isn’t possible for everyone. For all those who need to venture out, carrying a hot drink can be a really effective way at staying warm. Our Refill App allows you to take your thermos flasks or reusable coffee cups to over 10,000 places around the UK. While there will be more places to get hot drinks in takeaway cups, all of those mapped on the Refill App have committed to accepting refillable cups and flasks which means you can stay warm, stay hydrated and stay safe in these cold temperatures without adding to the massive problem of single-use coffee cups”.