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Entrepreneur gives away £10m worth of prizes and raises £600k for charity

Traditional raffles have been given a digital transformation, giving away over £10 million worth of prizes while raising more than £600,000 for charity.

With more than 42,000 winners to date, Raffolux is transforming the traditional raffle into an exciting digital experience. The 27-year-old founder, Gerry Lianos is an entrepreneur with a passion for philanthropy and is now modernising the digital raffling industry. Stepping away from a promising legal career, Gerry co-founded Raffolux in 2019 to create an innovative online raffle platform which offers incredible prizes while supporting many worthy causes. Inspired by the desire to encourage fundraising,

Gerry discovered a powerful way to generate donations, by offering the opportunity to win something amazing. Unlike traditional lotteries, Raffolux allows participants to choose exactly where their money goes. The platform has formed partnerships with outstanding charities, including Alzheimer’s Society, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, and Mental Health UK, among many others.

“Ever since I was young, giving back to good causes has always been a passion of mine,” said Gerry. 

“Whether it was through volunteering for various charities or tutoring children from disadvantaged backgrounds, the desire to help others has remained constant.”

By combining his love for charitable giving with the opportunity to win life-changing prizes, Gerry aimed to revolutionise the gambling industry. In 2019, Raffolux became the UK’s first purpose-built digital raffling platform with a charity mission. Since then, the company has forged long-term partnerships with over 20 UK charities and successful brands like Virgin Experiences, John Lewis, and Dyson.

One of the most exciting raffles currently running on Raffolux is the chance to win a Range Rover Evoque. For 99p per ticket, the winner will win a luxurious 2020 Range Rover, alongside a prize bundle worth over £5,000, including a TV,  home gadgets and Gucci bags.Looking ahead,

Raffolux aims to become a mainstream digital experience that brings joy to people across the UK and beyond. With plans to expand its brand awareness and enter new markets, Raffolux is set to make thousands more fortunate winners while continuing to support charitable organizations.