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Nanny Bears Crochet delights locals with her latest work

Photo of Nanny Bear Crochet aka Amanda with her crocheted seagull and chips on top of the local postbox

Rottingdean residents on their way to work and school were surprised to discover a cheeky crocheted seagull had landed on top of their village post box overnight.

The gull, who has his own portion of crocheted fish ‘n’ chips, complete with a dollop of tomato sauce, is the work of Nanny Bears Crochet, whose real name is Amanda.

Locals took to the Rottingdean Chat Facebook page to express their delight with one wondering if the real seagulls would try to pinch a chip whilst top contributor Mike said,

“Such a wonderful creative diversion to cheer us when all the world news is gloom and doom. Thank you so much!”

By day, Amanda works in a local office and spends her lunch hours making all kinds of creative crochet from teddy bears to the Crown Jewels, but when night falls, she becomes Nanny Bears Crochet and together with her 9-year-old grandson Stanley, sneaks out with a torch and secretly installs the post box toppers.

Amanda said: “I wanted to make something funny – with climate change, the money situation and jobs – people don’t have enough money to pay their bills or even have food. I was thinking ‘what can I put out there that will put a smile on people’s faces?’ People have said what a great idea it is and it brightens up the place.”

The seagull is adorned with a little rhyming sign:

‘Rottingdean is the place to be
Eating fish ‘n’ chips by the sea
There’s lots to do and lots to see
But first of all, take a selfie with me’

Amanda said it took her about five hours to make the seagull and his box of chips. She makes all the bases of the toppers the same way but says she doesn’t have a pattern and just makes the rest up as she goes along.

The seagull doesn’t have an official name, although Amanda thinks of him as Sidney. She hinted that Sidney might soon be getting new accessories, a little sweet treat to enjoy after his fish ‘n’ chips maybe?  

Photo: Nancy Platts