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Young Climate Champions celebrated

Olivia Mandle Navarro (Spain, 16), Jodie Bailey-Ho (UK, 19) Raheen Fatima (Pakistan, 15), finalists and the winner of Global Good Awards 2023 ‘Canon Young Champion of the Year’ Award, will have their achievements broadcast on Cartoon Network Platforms. 

As part of the Cartoon Network Climate Champions campaign, these three young people were interviewed about their journeys as activists, sharing their inspirational stories and real insights on how they overcame challenges. They talked about taking those first steps and showed how every kid around the world can become a Climate Champion and achieve more than they ever imagined. 

Olivia Mandle Navarro, a 16-year-old finalist for Global Good Awards 2023 ‘Canon Young Champion of the Year’, is an animal rights activist and environmental warrior, as well as a leading young voice on environmental issues in Spain. Her campaign, #noespaisparadelfines, with over 155,000 signatures on, asks the Spanish government for a schedule to close all dolphinariums in Spain and end to cetaceans in captivity. At age 12 Olivia created the “Jelly Cleaner” to clean microplastics from the oceans.  

Jodie Baily-Ho, a 19-year-old finalist for Global Good Awards 2023 ‘Canon Young Champion of the Year’, created a Teach the Teacher global, student-led campaign to embed effective, informative and well-integrated climate education into schools. It provides training, resources and support for young people, empowering them to deliver climate education training to their own teachers. More than 90 students in 28 countries worldwide have participated, including a session in collaboration with the UK Department for Education at COP26.  

Winner of the Under 16s Global Good Awards 2023 ‘Canon Young Champion of the Year’, Raheen Fatima, is a 15-year-old trailblazer, an inspiring activist and podcaster who has educated more than 5000 young minds through her theatre plays and conducted over 500 online and in-person sessions on topics including climate change. Raheen has inspired action and motivated 23,000 followers worldwide to join her in creating a positive impact. Raheen has long been committed to improving the environment around her.  Aged 13, she was interviewed by Cartoon Network Climate Champions and CNN about her thoughts on climate change and how she uses her organic kitchen garden to help tackle it in her community. 

Monika Oomen, VP Brand, Communications and Digital Strategy, Kids, EMEA, at Warner Bros Discovery says:

“As part of our campaign we want to champion kids around the globe who are doing incredible things to tackle Climate Change and help to give them more opportunities to be heard and seen.  Olivia, Jodie and Raheen are truly inspirational, and we wanted to be a megaphone for their achievements and actions.  These are real young people who have actively made a difference and shown our Cartoon Network fans that they can too, if they get involved. To be selected as finalists and the winner for Global Good Awards 2023 ‘Canon Young Champion of the Year’ is a spectacular achievement.” 

Cartoon Network Climate Champions introduces and explains key topics related to climate change, empowering and inspiring kids to get involved and take part in small daily challenges that cumulatively can have real environmental impact.  Kids aged 6-12 can become Climate Champions by taking up daily challenges and making a world of difference together.  With the help of beloved characters from hit shows that include “The Amazing World of Gumball” and “Craig of the Creek,” children can complete tasks and create real, tangible change in their lives while contributing to a community driving sustainability globally.  Since its launch in June 2021, more than 1.6 million challenges have been accepted worldwide and this number continues to grow daily. 

Image credit: Jodie Baily-Ho, finalist for Global Good Awards 2023