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Charity inspires next generation of conservationists

A wildlife charity has launched a new kids club to educate young people about wildlife and inspire them to take action.

Hear the Roar is open to children of all ages who want to learn about wildlife and the ways to protect animals across the world.

The initiative has been started by Born Free, a charity set up by the actors Virginia McKenna OBE and Bill Travers MBE in 1984 to fight against the exploitation of wild animals in captivity.

The charity says that such initiatives will become increasingly important in the face of growing concerns about the ecological emergency the planet now faces.

Bella Lack, Born Free’s Youth Ambassador, said:

Many species are now facing extinction because of humans and how we treat the planet, and it will be ours and future generations that will suffer when plastic, pollution and power have gained supremacy over all else. We cannot give up hope though – we can help and we can make a difference! It’s not just up to the adults to make changes, it’s up to us as children now more than ever.

Members joining the scheme will receive a welcome pack, which includes a number of goodies as well as suggested ways that they can take action. The charity hopes that it will inspire young people to do things such as educating their peers at school about the issues, sending letters to decision makers to persuade them to bring about change, and rescuing animals or insects in need.

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Photo by Adriaan Greyling from Pexels