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Two healthcare charities receive share of £50k to support medics through Covid-19

HEROES, the charity founded by and for NHS workers, has made two donations of £25,000 to Cavell Nurses’ Trust and Royal Medical Benevolent Fund.

The donation to Cavell Nurses’ Trust will be used to support their grant scheme which provides assistance to nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants for short-term financial emergencies, travelling expenses, mobility aids, rent deposits and much more. The donation to the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund will be used to bolster their hardship fund, which was set up with the aim of supporting doctors in difficulty during and beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

Dr Dominic Pimenta, co-Founder and Chief Executive of HEROES, said:

It is vital to recognise the extra personal and financial pressures that healthcare workers are experiencing as a result of the pandemic, and what that can mean in the short-term but also long-term. We are delighted to be supporting Cavell Nurses’ Trust and Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, who are two well-established and much-needed organisations doing great things for NHS workers.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust is a charity established to support active and retired nurses, midwives, and healthcare assistants in the UK. The charity is dedicated to assisting these healthcare workers through both personal and financial hardships which may occur due to illness, disability, age, domestic abuse, or more recently the impact of the coronavirus.

Every year the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF) helps hundreds of doctors, medical students and their family members who are in serious hardship due to age, illness, injury or bereavement. It provides support to doctors of all specialities and at all stages of their careers. In addition to financial assistance, it provides money advice and mental health and wellbeing support to doctors.

Steve Crone, Chief Executive of Royal Medical Benevolent Fund said:

Whilst doctors are always under intense pressure, COVID-19 has increased these demands further. We are grateful for the support of HEROES in enabling us to continue assisting doctors, medical students and family members through these difficult times.

John Orchard, Chief Executive of Cavell Nurses’ Trust, added:

The acknowledgment from HEROES of the vital work we are doing, and their donation, will go a long way to supporting nurses, midwives, and healthcare assistants who find themselves in need of support during their careers and long after. We are incredibly grateful to HEROES for supporting this work.

HEROES is dedicated to supporting the welfare and wellbeing of those fighting to keep the nation healthy and safe during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, by providing all NHS staff with access to physical and mental health services, as well as ensuring their day-to-day needs and livelihoods can be maintained in the best possible way. The organisation focuses on three key areas; food delivery through existing infrastructure, obtaining and creating a supply stream of PPE, and providing human health and well-being services such as childcare, therapy and support grants.

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