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Charities step in to aid Ukraine

Charities across Europe have stepped up efforts to help the people of Ukraine as the Russian invasion continues.

Civil Society News first reported a list of UK based organisations which are providing support. This includes an umbrella campaign for charities and churches providing relief to civilians, the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain.

People can also donate to Save the Children’s emergency fund which will help the 7.5m under 18s caught in the war. Other international NGOs are also rallying to help, including the Red Cross.

Meanwhile on discussion site, Reddit, a longer list of Ukrainian charities is being created by members of the public. This includes:

  • Tabletochki: This foundation has been supporting children with cancer for 10 years. They procure medicines, equipment, and arrange overseas treatment, among other things.
  • Let’s Help: This charity cares for older people living alone and helps state retirement homes. They also advocate for better treatment of older people by the state, including providing people aged 60+ with easy access to education.
  • Women Perspectives: This organisation helps women who have faced violence, domestic violence, discrimination in the labor market, and other issues. The NGO works with local and state authorities to promote pro-equality gender policies in Ukraine.
  • Sirius: Is the largest shelter for stray animals in Ukraine established in 2000. Its capacity is over 3,000 animals. The institution crowdfunds for animal feed, veterinary drugs, construction and repair of enclosures, and other needs.

The Kyiv Independent continues to report from the ground – using Telegram to broadcast instant alerts on the crisis – and has also launched a Go Fund Me campaign.

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