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International charity appeals to UK public in Ukraine crisis

A Go Dharmic volunteer, who has himself been made a refugee, is leading a group of volunteers in Kyiv. Denis Yurch and his team are providing essential humanitarian relief for Ukrainian residents camped in bomb shelters, who are unable to get to safer locations. The volunteers are ensuring that these people have access to hot food and hygiene/medical supplies during the siege.

On the Romanian border, Go Dharmic has been able to send emergency packages containing vital supplies to support refugees entering Romania from Ukraine. Volunteers there have reported that many of those who have evacuated left with nearly no possessions and have been cut off from friends and family.

To overcome the communication problem, Go Dharmic is initiating a program to distribute SIM-Cards with Data and offer technical support, to ensure refugees can make contact with separated loved ones. Go Dharmic have seen a marked improvement in the mental well-being of those who have been able to hear a relative’s voice and establish that they are safe.

Denis Yurch commented:

“My family is safe now as they are in the southern part of the country. They asked me to join them, but I decided to stay back, as Kyiv is my city – if we all protect it then we can win!”

Hanuman Dass, Go Dharmic’s Founder added:

“At this moment in time, the world’s attention is on assisting people who are suffering as a result of the Ukrainian crisis. Our volunteers on the ground are carrying out brave humanitarian work, ensuring medical support, food and warm clothing is available. We should all try to do whatever we can to help people at this devastating time. We must mobilise now.”

To raise additional funds, Go Dharmic is holding a 36-hour match-funded event between the 6th and 7th of March, to support their campaigns and Ukrainian civilian relief efforts.

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