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Welsh Labour conference vote ‘big boost’ to campaign for Senedd Reform

Electoral reform campaigners have welcomed Welsh Labour Conference’s backing of plans for increasing the size of the Senedd – calling the move a ‘big boost’ in the campaign for reform in Wales.

ERS Cymru welcomed the result which saw Welsh Labour’s conference unanimously back a motion in favour of increasing the size of the Senedd to between 80 to 100 members. Expanding the Senedd from its current 60 members was included as part of the Plaid Cymru cooperation agreement with the Welsh Government but there is as yet no agreement on how those members will be elected.

Delegates at the conference voted to back plans to increase the number of members in the Senedd from 60 to between 80 and 100, with a voting system “at least as proportional” as the current one alongside proposals to enshrine gender quotas into law.

Jess Blair, Director, ERS Cymru said:

“This vote is a huge step forward for the campaign for Senedd reform in Wales. The unanimous support of Welsh Labour’s plans from members, representatives and trade unionists give party leaders a strong mandate to deliver on these important reforms.

“A larger Senedd, elected by a proportional system which enshrines in law gender quotas is vital for ensuring effective governance in Wales. Gone are the days of a glorified assembly with limited powers and no government function. Wales now has a fully-fledged parliament with all the powers that come with it. It’s now time that was reflected in its size. 

“But this isn’t just about more politicians, these reforms are vital for delivering better public services for our country and a stronger democracy for the people of Wales. And now it is time for the Welsh Government to deliver it.”

Photo: Jonny Gios on Unsplash