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The Rooftop launches ‘Real Voices’

In 2022, we are switching up our content. We are pleased to announce our new regular Sunday slot on The Rooftop, ‘Real Voices’. We will be publishing first-person accounts from individuals who are personally affected by current issues that may be underrepresented or misrepresented in the mainstream media. We’re launching this regular feature to provide a platform for the voiceless, amplifying those on the ground who have perspectives worth listening to. We aim to combat misconceptions about important issues affecting real people.

Whilst shining a light on positive news remains at the heart of The Rooftop, we are also concerned about the rise of misinformation and “fake news” that circulates on the internet and in the media, particularly that which concerns important issues which have the potential to massively affect lives. We are hoping to use our platform to help reframe the conversation around important issues, and make sure that the people who are actually affected get to have their voices heard.

We want to stress that this feature will be apolitical, and will be an honest account of one person’s first-hand experience. Check out our first ‘Real Voices’ story tomorrow.

If you are interested in being featured as one of our ‘Real Voices’, please get in touch and email with some details about your experiences. Let us get your voice heard!