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London mum completes 30-mile jogging challenge for epilepsy

Teddington mum Hayley Excell and her friend Lucie completed Epilepsy Action’s ‘Jog 30 Miles in June’ challenge to raise much needed funds for the charity. She took on the challenge to support her six-year-old son Bleu, who has been living with epilepsy since May 2021.

Bleu was born with a brain tumour and associated hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid on his brain. He’s had eight brain surgeries, the first being when he was less than a day old, as well as countless other medical interventions.

Last year in May, Bleu started having seizures and has since been on a mixture of different medications. Unfortunately, he still has around sixteen seizures a month and must sleep with a seizure alarm.

Mum Hayley said:

“Despite everything that life has thrown at him, Bleu is a bubbly, cheeky 6-year-old, and I’m so proud of how he has overcome so many difficulties. He fights on and finds happiness in the smallest of things, taking it all in his stride. He’s learnt to speak, has started reading and has now also made the transition to mainstream school.”

“We’ve enjoyed the challenge and have found that jogging is a great way boost your mood and clear your mind when going through stressful situations. This is especially important when caring for someone with a disability and additional needs.”

Philippa Cartwright, director of fundraising at Epilepsy Action, said:

“Epilepsy can have such a wide-ranging impact on the lives of all people who are affected by the condition. We’re incredibly grateful to people like Hayley and Lucie who collectively have helped us to raise over £60,000 to help people affected by epilepsy when they need us most.”

Epilepsy Action is a community of people committed to a better life for everyone affected by epilepsy. They provide support and expert advice, raise awareness and fight for a better deal for people with epilepsy.

Photo: Epilepsy Action