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How to save £150 and reduce plastic waste this Christmas

Environmentalists at the not-for-profit City to Sea have today released 5 top tips that can save Brits an estimated £150 this Christmas and cut down on their plastic use.

The campaigners point to research that customers are still looking to make sustainable choices but, as the cost-of-living crisis hits harder, people are increasingly forced to choose cost as their main consideration. 

The top festive tips include; regifting something you already own, heading to the park or woods for natural decorations, making your own wreath, producing a food plan to avoid food waste, and finding alternatives to wrapping paper – much of which is lined with plastic making it hard to recycle.  

The advice comes off the back of research by City to Sea that found the cost-of-living crisis is making it harder for consumers to make sustainable purchasing decisions and avoid single-use plastic, despite this still being a big concern for 95% of people surveyed.  

The independent research of over 2,000 UK adults found that sustainability is falling down the priority list for consumers, with cost coming out on top.  Nearly half of Brits report changing where they shop or what they buy in the last six months, and nearly two-thirds saying they now prioritise cost over any other criteria.  

City to Sea’s best estimates has found that on average, Brits could save £150 this Christmas by following these tips.  

City to Sea’s Head of Campaigns, Jo Morley said:

“We know that people want to take action to live more sustainably, so these tips are designed to help everyone save money and save the planet. Something as simple as making a plan for your Christmas food can help reduce food waste, cut down on costs and often reduce unnecessary plastic packaging coming back from the shops.”  

Photo: Hillary Ungson on Unsplash