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Chance meeting at hospice event results in wedding table centres

Amy-Claire Davies and Natalie Bruno met at the official launch of last year’s Cardiff City Hospice Forever Flowers campaign at the Senedd and have since become good friends.

Amy-Claire has been a patient under City Hospice’s care for nearly a decade. She regularly documents her life living with an incurable degenerative disease with her social media followers and is a passionate advocate of hospice care.

Natalie Bruno’s father John, received specialist palliative care at home from City Hospice and her family, including mum Sue and daughter Lyra, have been supported by the charity following John’s passing.

The pair hit it off straight away and after sharing stories, Natalie found out that Amy-Claire was looking for books to use as table centres for her wedding. Natalie’s dad was a huge book lover and the family were struggling to donate his books, so they were delighted to be able to share them with Amy-Claire instead for her special day.

Natalie said:

“It was such a joy to have met Amy-Claire that day, to get to know her and her family and now call them our friends. Who would’ve thought a sad event, losing my dad, could bring so much sunshine. Amy-Claire is that ray of light and truly amazing. My dad would’ve loved everything about her, especially her humour and outlook on life.”

Amy-Claire said:

“For me it has been incredibly healing to spend time with a family who are a part of City Hospice. Although I never had the joy of meeting John, I feel as if I know him through Nat and his family. I have always worried that when I die my loved ones will remember our time together with nothing but sadness and pain; my friendship with Nat has shown me that those we love can be remembered first and foremost with love. Yes, there will be sadness, but there will also be laughter, fond memories and endless love.”

Photo: City Hospice